Bone Density Testing Australia Benefits

Knowledge is power .... Understand your bones

The more information you have about what affects the strength of your bones understand, the more likely you are to do something positive about maintaining healthy bones for life.

Fighting Osteoporosis and Promoting Bone Health

Australian Bone Density Testing Centre is committed to educating the community to prevent osteoporosis, by informing them how to:

  • Maximise bone strength during childhood and adolescence
  • Maintain bone strength during middle adult years
  • Minimise bone loss in the later adult years.

Bone Density Testing Benefits You!

The earlier you have your bone density tested, the sooner you can identify your risk factors
and begin to keep your bones as strong as possible for the rest of your life.

  • Your test is done on the latest ultrasound bone density testing equipment.
  • ABDTC provides comprehensive educational information.
  • Highly experienced professional staff conduct tests and discuss issues relating to bone health requirements.
  • Bone healthy nutrition and lifestyle guidelines and suggestions on how to incorporate these into every day life.
  • Printed information developed by Australian Bone Density Testing Centre is included, providing comprehensive
    information on prevention of osteoporosis and maintenance of bone health.
  • Bone density tests assess risk of fracture in much the same way that
    blood pressure and cholesterol tests assess cardiovascular health risks.
  • Tests are conducted by Ultrasound technique (no exposure to radiation) which is 100% safe, painless and fast
  • You receive a written result which is explained to you on completion of the test.

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