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Knowledge is power

Established in 1994, Australian Bone Density Testing Centre s goal is provide information to meet community concern regarding Osteoporosis Prevention and bone health education.

We conduct Bone Density Tests for assessment fracture risk due to osteoporosis.

We offer the bone density testing program throughout Australia, with testing machines located in selected Pharmacies, medical rooms and community health centres in metropolitan & regional areas nationally.

Trained staff provides easy to understand information on bone health.

Recommended nutrition and lifestyle guidelines are explained together with suggestions on how to incorporate these into you every day life.

This provides you with guidance to maintain healthy bones for life and prevent osteoporosis.

Evelyn Holsman CEO

Evelyn Holsman is founder and CEO of Australian Bone Density Testing Centre. Her passion is to emphasise the importance of healthy bones at every stage of life. Evelyn's goal is to empower all people, regardless of age, with knowlegde and motivation so that they can make informed choices to keep bones health for the rest of their lives.

As well as managing the bone density program, Evelyn – as a (very) mature age student - completed a Bachelor of Science (Consumer Science) degree at RMIT university in 2011.

Australian Bone Density Testing Centre ensures that the bone density program has a viable niche within the health care industry and operates under strict medically ethical guidelines and provides the latest information regarding osteoporosis

Australian Bone Density Testing Centre Commitment

ABDTC is committed to educating the community on the prevention of osteoporosis and maintenance of healthy bones throughout life.

ABDTC provides the highest quality professional Ultrasound Bone Testing Program to the Australian Community, operating under STRICT MEDICALLY ETHICAL GUIDELINES.

WITH QUALITY OF LIFE AS THE GOAL, STRATEGIES FOR A SOUND MIND, A HEALTHY HEART AND STRONG BONES MUST BE THE LIFELONG PLAN. Australian Bone Density Testing Centre's goal is to provide you with the knowledge and skills to help you keep your bones healthy for life, so in time this average line for age will continue along in the green area, instead of decreasing with age

Australian Bone Density Testing Centre
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